Senior Photoshoot Story - Lupita

Lupita Senior Photo Session by Cyclops Girl Photography

A chilly, very chilly, Saturday morning came about for Lupita's Senior Photo Session. Snow had fallen on the ground, just like she wanted.

After driving two hours to Kewaunee, Lupita finally got to her hair and makeup destination - Sara Miller's home.

Sara Miller doing Lupita's Hair

Sara Miller was welcoming, as was her spacious home. She joked around with Lupita about her husband's mustache as she curled Lupita's long black hair.

Sara's dog, although adorable, was not a fan of the camera.

The only photo I could get before this pup was taken into another room.

Sara Miller doing Lupita's Makeup

After an hour an a half of hair brushing , and face painting, Lupita was ready and confident for her well anticipated Senior Shoot.

Lupita happy with her new look.

The first couple of shots were taking with the scenic backdrop of Michigan Lake. The sun was bright and the sky melted into the lake. Lupita was movie star ready.

We spotted a bit of greenery before heading out, and decided to snap a couple moody shots. Her orange top really complimented well with the dark green leaves.

Our second location was at the light house. Lupita wore a bright-red, lace dress to compliment both her skin tones, and the back grounds.

It was about 20 degrees, and the cold was bitterly unbearable. The wind was strong, and it cut through our skin. Still -

- Lupita managed to stay positive and radiant throughout the entire shoot.

Our last location was at a bridge in Kewaunee. She wore a warm blue and white striped sweater, with black jeans and boots. MUCH better, we thought.

Before leaving, we noticed the glistening of the river, and just had to get some beautiful portraits.

This turned out to be Lupita's favorite portrait of the day.

I watched her cheer in joy as she peeked at the preview on my camera's monitor, and if that isn't something a portrait photographer loves to see, I don't know what they are doing in this profession.

Have an awesome winter everyone!

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