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Jocelyne Berumen Mexican American Photographer

Hi, I am Jocelyne Berumen.

I was born in Chicago, IL but raised in Huitzila, Zacatecas Mexico. This means I am fluent in English and Spanish! My love for videography started in Mexico. My mother's uncles were huge film fans, and constantly put the tiny town of Huitzila on a showcase. They loved entertainment, and it did not take me long to join in.

When I moved to the United States, I was the kid who carried a video camera at every family gathering. Documenting every moment, interviewing my cousins, and sometimes making them act a lavish story we had just made up. Becoming a filmmaker was my biggest desire, and there was no stopping it.

After graduating high school, I mentored with a local video production company, Creative Edge Productions. Eventually, I landed a real job at the local news station, occasionally interviewing real people. All these experiences led to starting my videography business in 2018. Photography did not come far behind as I had a huge interest in fashion, and modeling.


I found out that every job I landed had to have a story to tell. I grew up on storytelling, fictitious or not, and I wanted it to stay a part of my life. I now create the regular wedding and quinceañera videos, but offer the recap videos with beautiful, emotional and memorable stories to tell using interviews with your family members and friends. These are the videos that keep me loving what I do. Your stories bring me so much joy and help keep my passion for filmmaking going!

Thank you for considering me as your documentor and storyteller. I hope we meet in person soon, so I can hear your stories!!


Hola, Soy Jocelyne Berumen.

Estoy muy feliz que nos encontramos! Mi passion por el video y empezo desde cuando vivia en Mexico. Mis tios y mi mama hacian peliculas regularmente, y usaban video para comunicarse con sus familias en los Estados Unidos. Les encantaba el entretenimento, y facilmente se me pego a mi tambien.

Cuando nos mudamos a los Estados Unidos, yo era la niña que en todas las fiestas cargaba una camara. Me encataba grabar a mis familiares y hacerle preguntas a mis primas. Es siempre tan divertido y sentimental ver esos videos años despues.

Yo amaba el video y contar historias tanto, que desde chiquita decide que eso era mi futuro. No habia otra opcion.

Despues del High School, empece a trabajar con una compania de video local, donde me enseñaron mucho sobre como tener una compania de video. No mucho despues, empece a trabajar en la estacion de noticias, donde aveces entrevistaba a las personas de nuestra comunidad.

En el 2018, formalmente empeze mi compania de fotos y video. Hasta ahora, lo que me hace mas feliz, es contar las historias de mis clientes en una manera unica. Hago entrevistas a los familiares o amigos, y las edito en el video resumen. Me encanta hacer estos videos, ya que me ponen tan emocional.

Espero que pronto nos podramos conocer, para que me cuentes su historia, y sus deseos sobre el video y la fotografia.



Modeling with Christian Gill

Photograph by Christian Gill

Spain Travels with camera

Filming a Music Video

Where do I work?

I live in Green Bay, WI, and have most of my photography work here, BUT, I am in Milwaukee almost every weekend and love traveling to Chicago ocassionally. You can say I am a midwest photographer. Traveling is my favorite thing in the world, and it is my dream to hold a photography workshop in Spain!

What do I do?

Everything. I started as a videographer, and quickly moved into loving directing for music videos. Suddenly, very soon after, I turned into a photographer. I enjoy every bit of these different roles. For events, I mainly film video, while I hire a trusted 2nd photographer. I do the main photo sessions, and our 2nd photographer captures moments. There are times when I will do both at an event! Aside from that, I do enjoy seeing my art (your photographs) made into albums, frames, and other keepsakes. It is so important to me to see these memories in people's hands and walls. Please feel free to stalk my website and get a good idea of my work :)!

I was born with a curious mind. To tell stories. My stories, your stories, stories of the world! Let's create art together.