Ask for a pricing guide

On average, my portrait session clients spend between $500-$1200 per session. My event clients spend an average of $2000-3000. Please enter your email and leave a message asking for my pricing guide. You will receive a 10% discount for doing so!


Will there be a second shooter?

A. Every photographer has their trusted second shooter, and mine is my best friend Vanessa Alvarez. She is a graduate from UWGB in Fine arts and has been shooting with me since 2019!

Do you shoot video too?

A. Yes! I offer videography services as well. Please reach out to me for video examples of my weddings and quinceañeras.

I shoot documentary style, which includes interviews with family and friends.

Do you offer Payment Plans?

A. Certainly! I offer several options for my event clients, the most popular right now being deferred payments. 20% to book, 50% day of wedding, 50% when finished.

The second most popular option is to pay monthly until 2 months after the event.

For my portrait sessions, I also have the choice of AfterPay or Paypal which can help with ordering prints or more digital releases.

Do you offer prints with your prices?

A. I do offer high quality albums and frames! Please download my pricing guide by entering your email above and asking for either the portrait guide or the event guide.

Do I have to order prints through you?

A. No. I offer a print release with the first 10 digital photos from the gallery for $500. After that, there is a price per digital print release, or you can purchase an album and get the digital for free. More to discuss in person!

Do you shoot destination weddings?

A. I sure do! My second photographer Vanessa and I have traveled the world together! We loved the work we do and are willing to travel even for a pre-session. We will discuss how cost is decided through a meeting!

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